"How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias
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"How to Free Yourself from
Trauma, Phobias & Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!"

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This product represents the absolute state-of-the-art in Accelerated Personal Change Technology. It is ideally suited to assist individuals to quickly, effectively and permanently overcome fear, anticipatory anxiety, and psychological and emotional trauma stemming from specific, known memories from your past. Such present-day challenges may take the form of phobias, flashbacks, nightmares and other common expressions of post-traumatic stress.

Although not specifically designed to facilitate direct elimination of other common forms of anxiety (including most forms of situationally-based anxiety such as social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia), "How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias and Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!" is likely to be a source of substantial relief for these kinds of problems as well, as you learn to neutralize the impact of your anxiety-provoking "triggers". In general, the more situation-specific the appearance of your anxiety, the more helpful this product can be for you.

However, please note that "How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias and Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!" was not necessarily designed to facilitate relief from more generalized forms of anxiety. If you tend to experience your anxiety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year — all with little or no conscious idea of what's driving your anxiety — then this home-study program is probably not ideal for you.