"After only four days with Robert, I feel I have gotten my life back.   I'm free of the anxiety I constantly felt, and am excited about life!   I'm in charge of my life now... What a wonderful feeling!"       Cassi G., Moses Lake, WA       "Robert and Glei, you are truly inspirations for others.   You offer a different kind of option for living life."       Kathy K., Ocean City, MD       "Just a note while nearing my ONE YEAR mark of the rest of my life, anxiety-free!   My life is so full and rich, it's staggering at times.   Greatfulness abounds!"      Anita P., Minneapolis, MN       "Robert is to me what Phil Jackson is to the Lakers...   In seven short sessions, I eliminated literally twenty-plus years of anxiety and self-doubt."      Michael S., Marina Del Rey, CA       "I thank you, Robert Mantell, ever so much for all that you've done for me, my life and my sense of being."       Kelly R., Ocala, FL        "The past 5 years plagued my life with an array of antidepressants and alcohol, progressing to mental hospitals and a long list of therapists and group sessions.   I was so ready for this last chance to kick 'King Alcohol' out my life when a friend introduced me to Robert Mantell.   In one day this man saved my life..."       LaDonna O., Reno, NV        "The pain I was feeling in my life experience disappeared when Robert and Glei helped me reclaim my ability to take charge of my beliefs, feelings and actions in my life...    A special thanks to Robert and Glei for great direction and friendship."       Chris F., Detroit, MI       "You are a man of character, but more importantly you are a man driven by the truest and kindest intentions of your heart.   Thank you for touching my life... "       Gabby F., Vancouver, WA       "It doesn't seem possible, but in just six days you gave me the tools to overcome my problem and change my life!   Nothing else I have tried, from medication to therapy works... but this does.   I wish I had found you a long time ago.   Thank you!"      Jillian S., Dana Point, CA       "Thank you so much for giving me my son back.   To tell the truth, I have never seen Jonathan more relaxed, self-confident, fun-loving, involved, and connected with life.   You have shown him how to break the shell of darkness that enveloped him.   Now he shines like a radiant new sun!"      Carolyn D., Paradise, CA      
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The BrightLife Center for The Rapid Relief of Fears and Phobias

BASED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, The BrightLife Center for The Rapid Relief of Fears and Phobias specializes in rapid, permanent, 100% drug-free eradication of uncontrollable phobias and related irrational fears. On average, just 1 to 4 three-hour Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions over the course of about a week as part of our 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching program are required to help you achieve substantial or complete relief from your challenge with life-limiting phobias.

What Is A Phobia?

Quite simply, a phobia is a seemingly uncontrollable, usually intense, fear response that occurs in a predictable manner in the presence of a specific environmental stimulus (or combination of stimuli). Some phobic reactions occur only in the presence of a very specific environmental stimulus (e.g. birds, dogs, spiders, mice, snakes, etc.); these are known as single-stimulus phobias.


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Some people, however, find themselves experiencing fearful or phobic reactions to an entire class of objects or situations, such as crowds, open spaces, four-legged animals, or intimate conversations with people. Some commonly thought-of "phobias" are, in fact, not really phobias at all. Notable in this class of phobias is agoraphobia, which is really the fear of

experiencing an intense panic attack in some place or location sufficiently distanced from the person's "safe zone" and/or "safe person" that such fear renders the person a prisoner in their own home, afraid to leave the safetyof home. Many clinical professionals consider agoraphobia to be a fear of fear itself.

Although many people have specific fears that can be intensely directed at one or more situations, contexts or things over some limited (or even an ongoing) period of their life, phobias only rise to the level of a clinical problem when the presence of the phobia demands that the person organize their life in some very inconvenient ways so that they can (hopefully!) avoid the phobic stimulus.

How Are Phobias Developed?

Generally speaking, phobias are created as result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You see, anytime a person is in a very intense state (e.g. happiness, sadness, boredom, motivation, hunger, laughter — or fear), whatever is going on in their environment at that particular time gets linked up to that intense state in their neurology. This is an example of a very well-known and well-studied learning process called "classical (Pavlovian) conditioning". Classical conditioning happens whenever you pair an intense state (e.g. happiness, sadness, boredom, motivation, depression, fear, etc.) with a unique set of environmental stimuli (i.e. whatever was physically present in the environment at the time you experienced the intense state). Commonly occurring examples of such learning are everyday stimulus-response associations like:

The telephone rings, and you go to pick up, seemingly automatically — certainly without having to stop and consciously think about what that particular sound means.
You smell your all-time favorite food, and your mouth starts watering automatically, completely absent any conscious choice to do so. (This even works, by the way, if you so much as think about tasting or smelling the food you love so much — Close your eyes and try it! You'll see how quickly you can begin salivating.)
You're driving along, minding your own business, and all of a sudden, you notice a spinning red light in your rear-view mirror! You suddenly feel a rush of fear run through your body...

Because fear is such an adaptive — even critical — emotion, your brain is very, very good at noticing what is going on in your environment when you're experiencing intense fear, and it literally links up that particular set of environmental stimuli — that is, whatever you were seeing, hearing, feeling, etc., at the time you experienced the intense fear — with the intense emotion.

Unfortunately, however, the same powerful learning process is responsible for development of a phobia. If, for example, one had been chased down the street at age 8 by three large and ferocious looking dogs, the sight and/or the sound of dogs could easily have been linked up at that time with an intense fear state. Thus, weeks, months or even years later, should the person suddenly find herself in the presence of dogs, she could find herself suddenly feeling terribly out of control with fear. Others around that person may have no clue what could be going on, but that's only because they didn't have that particular experience with the dogs earlier on in their life.

What Are The Most Common Forms of Treatment?

The most common form of specialized treatment for phobic problems typically involves behavioral forms of psychotherapy and is often accompanied by the use of anti-anxiety and/or antidepressant medication. Although eventually helpful in some cases, the challenge with behavioral forms of therapy is that it tends to call for repeated, intensely painful exposure to the feared stimulus. When this process is carried out over a period of months, it is known as "progressive desensitization". In its most excruciating form, exposure to the feared stimulus is NOT extended over a period of months — instead, it is continued and painfully intensified over a single protracted length of time, often a period of several hours or more in a single setting. This process, appropriately enough, has been termed "flooding".

At BrightLife, we hold that this kind of often horrifically painful "exposure" therapy is absolutely unnecessary, and in our opinion, a shamefully outdated practice.

Just What is "The BrightLife Method"? — And How Can You Be So Sure Your Program Will Work For Me?

It's deceptively simple, yet amazingly quick and effective.

You see, our knowledge and understanding of exactly how we each create our own states allows us to apply a relatively unique treatment paradigm to this very special kind of personal change work. Utilizing our breakthrough program of enjoyable mental exercises known as Imagination Creation™, we are able to assist our clients to literally (and painlessly!) "paint over" their memories and neuro-associations to past traumatic events. The result of these exercises is now an entirely neutral association to the original setting event or chain of events. This results in a completely benign response now completely devoid of fear and/or anxiety.

Our work is so effective, we have been featured on numerous local, national and even international print, radio and television, including our appearances in the Montreal Gazette, KNX 1070 NewsRadio in Los Angeles, Esquire Magazine, as well as the Discovery Health Channel's six-part television series, Things That Go Bump: Facing Our Fears. On that program, BrightLife Founder Robert Mantell assisted a client to eliminate an intense twenty-year phobia in just 15 minutes! See the video here.

In the absence of a known traumatic setting event, we'll spend time with you to discover your particular way of generating this fear or anxiety within yourself. Once we discover your mental "recipe" for creating your fear, we'll assist you in quickly and completely eliminating it, so you just can't get the fear back — no matter how hard you try.

These powerful mental exercises can be effective in as little as ten minutes — and we can prove it to you — right over the phone!

* * * *

To request more information, or to sign up for our world-class Phobia-Relief services, please click here to contact us, or feel free to call our 24-hour voicemail messaging system toll-free at (866) LIFE-NOW. We'll respond back to you right away.

BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center can be contacted at:

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email: info@fearintopower.com

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