"After only four days with Robert, I feel I have gotten my life back.   I'm free of the anxiety I constantly felt, and am excited about life!   I'm in charge of my life now... What a wonderful feeling!"       Cassi G., Moses Lake, WA       "Robert and Glei, you are truly inspirations for others.   You offer a different kind of option for living life."       Kathy K., Ocean City, MD       "Just a note while nearing my ONE YEAR mark of the rest of my life, anxiety-free!   My life is so full and rich, it's staggering at times.   Greatfulness abounds!"      Anita P., Minneapolis, MN       "Robert is to me what Phil Jackson is to the Lakers...   In seven short sessions, I eliminated literally twenty-plus years of anxiety and self-doubt."      Michael S., Marina Del Rey, CA       "I thank you, Robert Mantell, ever so much for all that you've done for me, my life and my sense of being."       Kelly R., Ocala, FL        "The past 5 years plagued my life with an array of antidepressants and alcohol, progressing to mental hospitals and a long list of therapists and group sessions.   I was so ready for this last chance to kick 'King Alcohol' out my life when a friend introduced me to Robert Mantell.   In one day this man saved my life..."       LaDonna O., Reno, NV        "The pain I was feeling in my life experience disappeared when Robert and Glei helped me reclaim my ability to take charge of my beliefs, feelings and actions in my life...    A special thanks to Robert and Glei for great direction and friendship."       Chris F., Detroit, MI       "You are a man of character, but more importantly you are a man driven by the truest and kindest intentions of your heart.   Thank you for touching my life... "       Gabby F., Vancouver, WA       "It doesn't seem possible, but in just six days you gave me the tools to overcome my problem and change my life!   Nothing else I have tried, from medication to therapy works... but this does.   I wish I had found you a long time ago.   Thank you!"      Jillian S., Dana Point, CA       "Thank you so much for giving me my son back.   To tell the truth, I have never seen Jonathan more relaxed, self-confident, fun-loving, involved, and connected with life.   You have shown him how to break the shell of darkness that enveloped him.   Now he shines like a radiant new sun!"      Carolyn D., Paradise, CA      
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