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Life Mastery 102:
How to Be A Master of
Interpersonal Relationships
Learn to Master The Skills of,
Hypnotic Communication & Influence
for Powerful And Fulfilling Relationships!



An Enlightening, Experiential and Practical Two-Day Personal Empowerment Workshop Facilitated by
Robert & Glei Mantell, C.M.C., C.M.Ht.
Co-Founders, BrightLife Coaching, Consulting & Training Services, Inc. and BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center

BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center in association with BrightLife Coaching, Consulting and Training Services, Inc. is proud to announce the debut of our brand new two-day workshop entitled Life Mastery 102: How to Be A Master of Interpersonal Relationships

Do you sometimes have problems getting along with others?

Do you find that others often misinterpret what you're trying to say?

Do you wish you could communicate more effectively at home, at work, or with friends or relatives?

Would you like to be more comfortable meeting new people?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the other person was thinking?*

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could know how someone is feeling about you — sometimes before even they know it?*

Have you often wondered whether the person you're talking to is telling you the truth?*

Are you a therapist, psychologist, counselor, coach or other mental health professional looking for powerful ways to help your clients create better and more fulfilling relationships?

If so, we have the answers you seek!

What's the true secret to powerful and fulfilling relationships - both personally and professionally?

In short, it's knowing exactly how to frame your communication with others in such a way that they understand your message as you intend or desire it to be understood. That way, you'll virtually always be able to acheive your intended goal for that interaction.

Speaking of which — did you know that communication is made up of far more than just the words you speak? Yup - scientists have shown that the words we use make up no more than a paltry 7% of the content of our communication! The other 93% of what you're communicating — that is, the tonality you use when you speak, as well as your body language — is totally unconscious!

No wonder we so often seem to miscommunicate our intended message!

* * * *

The second in our powerful Life Mastery series of seminars: "LIFE MASTERY 102: HOW TO BE A MASTER OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS" is the next step along your path to Personal Empowerment. The ability to create wonderfully synergystic relationships is the next major prerequisite skill you need in order to assume complete control of your life.

"LIFE MASTERY 102: HOW TO ASSUME COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE" teaches you how to read others like a book* — and more importantly, how to individually tailor your communication to fit your audiences' unconscious wants, needs and desires. The more effectively you can do this, the more fulfilling, enriching and synergistic will be ALL your personal and professional relationships!

Over this fascinating weekend, you'll learn:
An introduction to the tools, techniques, principles and practices of Imagination Creation™, BrightLife's proprietary Accelerated Personal Change Technology that allows people to forge remarkably rapid changes in their subjective experience — sometimes in just minutes!
The basis of charisma... That seemingly magical quality that some seem to have just been born with, while most have not. (Hint: It's an entirely "learnable" skill!)
How to relate with others far better than in the past, allowing you to intuitively "connect" with them on a more meaningful — and therefore a deeper and more unconsciously responsive — level than ever before;
How to heighten your awareness of what's going on around you (your ability to be perceptive), particularly with regard to other people's internal experience;
To discover how people are thinking — just by watching their eyes! (Interested??)*
To create harmony, balance and synergy in all of your relationships, personal and professional;
The basis of effective negotiation: How to identify what's REALLY important to the other side (Hint: Chances are, they don't even know this — it's unconscious!) and how to utilize this "insider information" to find workable solutions for win-win outcomes;*
How to tap — at willthe other 93% of your ability to communicate and hypnotically influence others that most people have no idea they're even capable of!*
How to interact effectively with difficult people in all walks of life;
And much, much more!

Who should attend this workshop?
Those who are clearly dissatisfied with the quality of life, and who believe the quality of their relationships (or the lack thereof) is the primary reason for that;
People who are seeking powerful, cutting-edge tools for creating balance and harmony at home and in the workplace;
Executive and Life Skills Coaches who wish to learn cutting-edge personal and professional change tools for helping their clients relate more effectively with other people;
Psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and counselors who want to learn real-world, tangible tools for teaching clients how to get along better with others;
School Counselors and Guidance Personnel who are looking for valuable ways to communicate effectively with their students in far less conscious ways (since that doesn't always work, does it??);
Teachers who want cutting-edge information about how to reach difficult students by more effectively interpreting the 93% of their communication that is totally unconscious;
Parents who want to better understand their children;
Managers And Human Resources Professionals who want to better understand how to motivate and inspire their employees;
Attorneys and Other Legal Professionals who find value in learning to be able to "read" other people's non-verbal behaviors with far more precision and accuracy than ever before;*
Business Professionals who likewise might find value in being able to better decipher what's REALLY going on internally for their clients and/or business partners;*
Clergy and Pastoral Counselors who desire to better understand how people come to view their world the way they do;
Anyone who is tired of feeling sick and tired, and who is truly committed to learning how to take far more control of their life than they ever have before!
Anyone who is interested in the secret of how successful people ultimately create that success — and it starts with successful relationships!

About Your Workshop Leader:

Robert Mantell, C.M.C., C.M.Ht. is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center, its parent company, BrightLife Coaching, Consulting & Training Services, Inc., and The Trichotillomania Freedom Center, and is the Co-Developer of Imagination Creation™ Accelerated Personal Change Technologies.

A graduate of U.C.L.A., with a Bachelor of Science in psychobiology, Robert later attended the Master's program in Educational Psychology and Counseling at California State University, Northridge, where he specialized in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling (MFCC). He belongs to numerous professional membership organizations including the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, the National Center for Crisis Management, the Counseling Association for Humanistic Education and Development, the California Counseling Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.

Certified as a Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist by the International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Robert is also a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is a nationally recognized peak performance coach, third-degree black belt martial arts champion, educator, sports coach and seminar leader, and has trained with some of the world's best known experts on the psychology of peak performance.

Robert is the author of the BrightLife's best-selling home-study audio CD program entitled How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias and Anxiety in 7 Days or Less!, and frequently appears on radio and television (including the Discovery Health Channel) as a Peak Performance Personal Empowerment specialist. His BrightLife Coaching, Consulting & Training Services and BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center have assisted hundreds of clients in reclaiming joy, passion and personal and professional fulfillment since 1993.

Upcoming Seminar Dates & Hours:


Location: Lancaster, California

Venue: To Be Announced

Investment: $395.00 US
Seminar tuition fee does not include hotel accomodations, food or other travel-related expenses. Please make separate arrangements for these considerations. Please feel free to call our office toll-free at (866) LIFE-NOW for helpful suggestions regarding possible hotels, restaurants, and other businesses or attractions of interest.

SUGGESTION: While not an absolute prerequisite, it is highly recommended that you consider taking "LIFE MASTERY 101: HOW TO CLAIM COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE" prior to taking LIFE MASTERY 102.

Because what we teach you in LIFE MASTERY 102 is a logical extension of the topics we first introduce in LIFE MASTERY 101, the material you learn in the earlier course will greatly support your ability to benefit maximally from what you learn in this current program.

For more information about "LIFE MASTERY 101: HOW TO CLAIM COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE", please click here.

Applicable Discounts:

Paid owners of either the electronic (eBook) version, downloadable MP3s, or the audio CD version of "How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias and Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!" are entitled to a tuition discount equal to the full amount paid for their product. Please call us toll-free at (866) LIFE-NOW to confirm your purchase and request your discount.
Are you a former BrightLife client? Receive complementary admission for yourself when you bring one or more friends or family members paying standard tuition. Please call us toll-free at (866) LIFE-NOW to request your discount.
Couples or Group Discounts are available for any BrightLife Seminar or Workshop! Second attendee gets 50% off with any fully-paid tuition!
Please call toll-free (866) LIFE-NOW for information about additional discounts for larger groups!

Sorry - discounts may not be combined. Please feel free to request the single largest possible discount applicable for you.

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*DISCLAIMER: The Information we teach in this program is extremely powerful. It can and will allow you to look deep into other people's psyche, and to understand what's going on inside the mind of other people, even outside their conscious awareness.

Clearly, this information can be used in less than ethical ways, including allowing one to take unfair advantage of other people. WE EXPRESSLY DISCOURAGE THE USE OF THESE TECHNIQUES FOR SUCH PURPOSES.

In accordance with our committment that these techniques be used for only the most honorable purposes, we will insist at the training that all program attendees acknowledge their choice to use these powerful tools of hyponotic influence and persuasion in only the most ethical possible ways.

For a personalized introduction to any of our powerful, potentially life-changing programs, please call us toll-free at (866) LIFE-NOW or send us an email at

BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center can be contacted at:

2010 W. Avenue K, # 644
Lancaster, CA 93536

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