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At BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center, the sincerest form of praise comes to us in the form of testimonials from clients who have taken the time to express their appreciation for the support we have provided. The following represent just a small sampling of the many such letters we have received.*

* * * *

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Abusive Childhood, Posttraumatic Stress, Anger and Depression

"Dear Rob and Glei,

"Since I saw you two in June, things have been better and better. I am enjoying the Christmas season for the first time in years! [My husband] has noticed that my reactions to things are much more mild and that I have a much more positive attitude. I have found an internal peace that is wonderful.

"I want to shout to everyone at the top of a mountain that you two have a program that really works RIGHT NOW! I had wasted too much time and a lot of money with "therapists" who are useless, but no more. You and Glei have truly been blessed with a gift to incite great change. Hallellujah!

"I am very grateful for the time I spent with you and Glei!!!!!! Have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. Is there a word for the life transformation I have made? Emotional Overhaul?"

— Amy K., Chesterfield, MO

Sunny Testimonial

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania

"Before I went to BrightLife with Robert and Glei, I would have considered myself a hopeless wreck, literally. I have had Trichotillomania for the past 9 years and I was absolutely positive I had no control over the pulling. In my mind, Trichotillomania had control over me. Trichotillomania was the only way I knew how to deal with all the emotional pain I had throughout my life.

"I was so overwhelmed by all the damage I had done to myself, completely balding my scalp, I knew I needed some professional help. Being turned down by my local Mental Health Center saying "I just have to much time on my hands," I knew they were wrong. I ended up searching the internet for someone or something to help me with my problem, and there was the Bright life web page. I researched it and did my homework about the program, and of course my nerves got the best of me. But I just had to give it a shot. I was desperate for anything at the time.

"Honestly it was the best choice I have ever made for myself in my life.

"Robert and Glei have shown me I do have control over Trichotillomania, and I am completely in control of my actions. I just didn't realize it. I have been pull-free for 3 months now and I am so proud of myself for all the progress I have made. I can honestly say I have a feeling of being free of an ongoing addiction I thought I couldn't break away from. With the help of BrighLife, Robert and Glei, I have gained all the confidence, love, and respect I needed for myself.

"...I recommend Brightlife to anyone and everyone who feels they have Trichotillomania or any other mental illness they feel they have no control over. It is worth it. You are worth it!"

— Sunny O., Yuma, CA


PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

"My name is Hunter and I am truly gratefully and blessed to have had the privelage of working with Dr. Mantell. I am currently 22 years old and for the past 10 years I was living in pain and basically misery. I have through the years been to many psychiatrists, psychologists, OCD experts and been on basically every medication I can think of.

"I had been carrying with me subconsciously and consciously alot of guilt, shame, remorse, resentment etc. for all those years and I was doing the only thing that helped, which was drink to suppress it. I developed an extreme addiction to alcohol and other forms of medications for which I attended 3 different inpatient rehabs. I at that time in my life (around 2 months ago) had technically given up on the concept of feeling good or being happy or having a good life.

"After my first session with Dr. Mantell, I couldn't even force the huge smile I had off my face. Within hours, because of how good I felt, the urge to drink was gone. With everything else that was cured for me that is a miracle, I am still amazed and extremely grateful. The methods that are used I honestly have not seen anywhere else and I dont think are anywhere else.

"I could probably write all day of the multitude of OCD habits that I lived by for those 10 years, which literally drove me crazy. All it took was listening to Dr. Mantell and following what he said and it literally went to the root of the problem and caused all the other things to dissipate.

"I am truly grateful and still amazed and if anyone would like to contact me, I would be more than happy to talk to you about anything."

— Hunter S., Carlsbad, CA


PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Fear of germs, Panic Attacks and Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

"Hi, Robert and Glei...

"So, I have had the most amazing weekend... Last year, I had an absolutely crippling panic attack at the children's Christmas pageant. It was awful... I felt like the walls were closing in... I didn't eat for days afterward...

"THIS year, my children were split between the morning and afternoon shows of the pageant, so I dutifully went to BOTH showings (2+ hours each). We're talking about 250 people packed into each show — sneezing, coughing, maybe getting over a stomach virus people, hot and crowded room: the old me's worst nightmare...

"I barely noticed the other people, and thoroughly enjoyed myself at both shows!!! I was starving by the time we got home from the afternoon show, so we ordered pizza and I pigged out!!! I couldn't believe how relaxed and happy I was at the shows. ... It was worth the trip to California just for this weekend!

"I don't want to endure these fun things with my children. I want to enjoy them, and I truly did yesterday!!!

"I wonder if the other mothers thought that the tears in my eyes were there because I was so moved by the Christmas story... This time, they were tears of happiness for an entirely different reason!!!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. This might seem like something small, but it is big to me!"

— Veronica S., Bloomfield, NJ

New Testimonial

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Resulting Insomnia and Anticipatory Anxiety

"Hi, Robert...

"Well, I have had three nights in a row with a good night's rest, and I have also been able to fall asleep at a reasonable hour without any anxiety. This is the first time in a very long time.

"My normal routine of getting anxious at night going through that event is now gone, which is great. I even swam at the pool two days ago where the [drowning] incident happened, and I tried to recap everything at the exact spot it happened, and I could not, which is amazing!

"Thanks again!"

— Jerry L., Austin, TX

New Testimonial


"To anyone who has ever experienced the pain and frustration of trichotillomania, please know that there is help!

"I brought my daughter to numerous doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and therapists throughout her school years to no avail. She tried various medications and behavior techniques. Some methods seemed to work, but only for a while. Every piece of information which I read told me that this disorder was one which my daughter would suffer with for her entire life.

"Then I heard about The BrightLife Center, and Robert and Glei.

"As a last resort, I convinced my ex-husband to travel to California with our two children. At the time, my heart was in my throat each and every day as I dropped my daughter off to her high school, and watched the other girls laughing and flipping their hair as they entered the school, while my daughter was almost entirely bald from pulling out the hair on her head.

"Strangers would stare, and people would ask me all the time why I wasn't helping her, or why she just wouldn't stop. No one could understand that this was something that was happening since she was in kindergarten, and that I had researched and tried everything in my power to help my daughter!

"Robert and Glei changed my daughter's life. While no one can change the struggles she went through in her younger years, she entered her junior year of high school with a full (if not very short) head of hair for the first time in years!

"She is now a senior, and has held a lead part in a play. While she has always had a fantastic attitude, the change that took place because she was able to take control is truly amazing! She was always the one to tell me throughout the years that she would be able to control her behavior without medication, and that is exactly what Robert and Glei did for her.

"I recommend anyone who has suffered with trichotillomania to stop all other futile attempts and contact BrightLife today!"

— Ann-Marie M., Worcester, MA

New Testimonial

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Generalized And Anticipatory Anxiety

"I was having a real rough time dealing with everyday life because of the high levels of anxiety I was experiencing day after day. I decided to seek professional help and ended up meeting with a psychologist for over a year.

"Working with him was good at first, but now that I look back at it, I've noticed that it actually hurt me more than it helped. It opened doors to things I hadn't even thought about which then were related in weird ways, all of which, increased the level of anxiety I was living with. I was not enjoying my life anymore, I was hiding at home, stressed to go out, avoiding the people and things I love. I was not living, I was suffering.

"This is when I decided to seek for help elsewhere and this is when I found Dr. Mantell and Glei. Oh, was I lucky to come to their site! Dr. Mantell and I had a long conversation over the phone, from which I got a glimpse of their commitment to help others and of their work. After this, I was a little doubtful so I decided to try the CD's first. They were awesome. They really helped me get a sense of what was going on in my head and helped me realize there was a way out of this problem.

"After the CD's, I was so encouraged by my progress that I wanted to do some extra work with Dr. Mantell in person to finish up with the issue, so I went up to Lancaster to see Dr. Mantell and his wife Glei.

"I have spent a total of 8 hrs (yes, only 8 hrs) working with them and I feel I am now ready to live life again. I have regained confidence in myself, I live a more relaxed and happy life and I am back to doing the things I like with the people I love.

"How do they do it? Well, you will have to see it to believe it, but their methods are amazing and incredibly effective. They have a way to connect with you in ways you have never experienced before. It is so different to anything you have tried before that at first, you may not understand or notice what changes have happened within you, but soon after, you'll get it. You'll start noticing the new way of thinking and the new good feelings that start coming to you to that replace the bad ones. Its just amazing.

"Dr. Mantell and Glei, thank you! You have given me my life back. I am breathing and enjoying life again thanks to you. I admire your work and I will be forever grateful."

— David A., San Diego, CA



"Dear Rob and Glei,

"Thank you very much for guiding me on the way to my true nature. In just a few days working with you, you two have left me with an unforgettable impression... your professional ethics: the kindness, loving and caring... Those things I have learned so much from you will help in my own career in the future, no matter what it is. I deeply wish you two all the best..."

— Frank P., Ontario, Canada


"Dear Dr. Mantell.

"This Christmas celebrates one year ago that I was in Glendale [,CA]. I still remember as if it were yesterday. I found my true nature since then.

"Thank you so much. I wish you and Glei good health and every happiness!"


"Hi, Dr. Mantell!

"How are you and Glei doing? I am doing really, really well! ...My business is growing, and I know that in 2 or 3 years I will be able to travel around the world, building my business... I love that freedom!

"I am a totally different guy now with much self-confidence. Now I am focusing on personal development because my business grows equally with my personal growth. When I look back, I am so glad that I made the decision to go to Los Angeles. Those days started transforming my life, and you are the ones who started that process. Once again, thank you very much!"

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and Survivor Guilt

"...After having returned from Operation Enduring Freedom, I couldn't believe how torn up I was feeling. I kept on having flashbacks of the things I'd seen and experienced while in Afghanistan, and I couldn't sleep most nights because of the guilt I was also feeling. The nightmares were terrible. The VA was just totally unable to help me, and I was feeling desperate.

"When Dr. Mantell told me he could completely rid me of these nightmares and flashbacks in less than a week, it honestly seemed way too good to be true. A week!!

"But miraculously, within just a few days of working with him, I could hardly feel my old symptoms anymore... The flashbacks stopped after THE VERY FIRST DAY with him!

"I'm now completely free of the nightmares, and understand things much better now, so that the guilt's not a problem for me anymore either.

"Thank you, BrightLife... I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you."

— Bradley S., Oxnard, CA


"... this Thanksgiving, I spent the entire day preparing food which used to be contaminated, but now I was able to be around it, etc. I wouldn't have been able to do this last year if someone paid me to!

"I also got to wear nice clothes and touch my dog and the door and other stuff after touching food. I did wash, but like a normal person would — not the extreme with all my cleaners., etc., and routines with showering with bleach.

"I am most grateful to you and your wife for giving me the tools to be me, and to be able to get to know this hidden person inside myself — It's a real mirace. Thank you both!"

— Heather W., Salt Lake City, UT

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Obsessive Thinking and Worrying (OCD)

"Hi, guys...

"I made it home after a fantastic time in California! How is this for how I am doing: I noticed the beautiful New England land and trees. I hugged and kissed my children with feeling. I calmly went to work and took time for myself. I have had my challenging thoughts and let them go.

"I thank you both from the bottom of my heart! I feel like I am living for the first time in a very long time.

"Love to you both..."

— Stephanie S., Boston, MA


PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Emetophobia, resulting Low Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety


"Rob and Glei,

"Thanks again for a really awesome, enlightening week. I spent yesterday trying to get used to this new business of feeling... Since I usually find myself uncertain of things and rarely trust that things will work the way they're supposed to, I also spent yesterday trying to figure out how the stuff you did didn't work.

"... I was also able to eat pizza for dinner! Not only was I able to eat it, but I also invited friends to sleep over, and I didn't feel worried eating with them there. In fact, I didn't feel worried being with friends the whole day!

"I seriously can't thank you enough. Even if things aren't perfect yet, life still seems worth experimenting with! I attribute that to your work. Wow.

"Yet one more very impressed client, Lindsay"


"Today I took care of a sick friend, which didn't bother me too much even though she said she felt sick to her stomach. I even went out to get frozen yogurt with her. After we were done, I felt confident enough that I wanted food that I got a grilled vegetable sandwich. I ate the whole thing without regret... I then spent the rest of the night until midnight or so at this friend's house... I was even able to eat cake!"


"I can't believe how different I feel!

1. I don't feel anxious at all being away from home! In fact, it's really nice.

2. I feel so excited about college now, because I know that I won't have to fight my anxiety about being away from home. Yay!

3. I have now started riding in cars while other people drive. It doesn't bother me! I even went out to lunch with people I'd just met... and they drove and I ate lunch and it just wasn't a problem.

4. I eat again! Food tastes good. I don't feel physically weak from hunger anymore! I've even been able to start exercising again!

5. The pressure is gone! Even though I have scheduled things to do, I'm not worried about them. I'm OK with feeling less than perfect and still doing what I have to do anyway!

6. I am so much happier with myself now that I can enjoy all these things again! I like how I react to the world and how I try to manage different things.

"It must be so awesome to watch people change like this. I imagine the difference between how I first wrote about my life, to how I write about it now... And it's awesome too, because there are still things I'd like to change about myself, but now I can see them more accurately and without so much judgment.

"You have made a total believer out of me. I was pretty skeptical when I first came to see you, but now I couldn't be more impressed. Seriously, wow.

"Believing that huge change is possible,

— Lindsay S., Calabasas, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Phobia and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

"Hey, Robert and Glei,

"Wow! I do actually feel overall better - almost like a way I've never felt before. It actually feels kind of different and obviously awesome. It was a really amazing experience...

"I am very grateful that I found you, and we had to opportunity to embark on this wonderful journey... Thank you so very much and I look forward to continuing working together..."

"With gratitude, George"

— George B., Miami, FL

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Shy Bladder Sydrome (Paruresis)

"Thank you for helping me sort out my perspective on paruresis. You've helped talk me out of building my fear up in my mind, and I've been using the toilets at school all week now...

"... I've really improved. Thank you so much for the support. Just learning that I can work this problem out really encouraged me.

"I truly appreciate your work. I hope you have the kind of success you've had with me with many others. I feel on top of the world! Thank you!"

— Kat G., Zebbug, Malta,

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and Low Self-Esteem

"Hey, Robert,

"You're not going to believe the progress! I'm so happy! Everyday is a new day with a new life, a life without worrying and negativity. No more 'Am I crazy?' No more 'Will I ever blah blah blah?' No more. Instead, I'm shopping with friends, and I've been running 3 miles a day, 4 days a week. Straight A's in school because I'm able to concentrate now instead of worring about whether or not I'll have a panic attack.

"YOU DID THIS... No matter what you say. You should be happy to know that you have found your path in life, and it's a good one. I don't take anything for granted at all... Even the rain is beautiful! You saved my life; I want you to know that. Thank you with all of my soul. THANK YOU! There's a place in heaven for people like yourself. :)"

— Kelly R., New Orleans, LA


PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Shy Bladder Syndrome and Low Self-Esteem

"I initially attended for one specific anxiety issue. The result was much more than I expected. Not only did we focus on my anxieties, but much deeper issues that I did not consciously acknowledge.

"The experience was above and beyond my expectations! You will feel amazing even after one session with Dr. Mantell and Glei.

"What a wonderful pair of professionals who truly care and focus their amazing skills to help complete strangers... You will walk away changed."

— Will H., San Diego, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Obsessive Thinking and Worrying (OCD)

"Dear Robert and Glei,

"I wanted to let you know how much my life has changed during and since my visit to BrightLife. I came to you because I experienced constant anticipatory anxiety, along with obsessive thoughts and panic attacks (some of which started in early childhood).

"During our first session, I began to realize that I was totally in control of my life and have always had choices. Instead of living my life like a "leaf blowing in the wind", I decided how I want to live my life and what path I choose to take.

"When I came back home and stepped off the airplane, my husband said that he could see an immediate change in me. I was glowing! Of course, I felt it, but was surprised that it was so outwardly obvious to him.

"When I was younger, I was energetic, loved to laugh, and saw the humor in many things. Somewhere down the road, I lost that zest for life, and constantly felt the weight of my "problems" weighing me down. I became depressed and blamed the world for handing me such a bum rap. I felt that I would have to live this way the rest of my life.

"This is no longer the case. I now feel like I did when I was a young teen, smiling and laughing and allowing myself to sometimes just be silly! The anticipatory anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive thoughts are gone. I feel free!!!

"Robert and Glei, you are truly inspirations for others. You offer a different kind of option for living life. It was a comfort and pleasure to be in your company, and experience firsthand how truly dedicated you are to each other and your beliefs. You know the old saying, 'If you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk.' You guys definitely 'walk the walk' and I am blessed to have met both of you."

— Kathy K., Ocean City, MD

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks And Agoraphobia

"I was a victim of my own choices, and for three years in a row, I was suffering the consequences. Panic attacks, stress and anxiety disorders - that was my everyday life at work or at home, I had no way out. Xanax and Zoloft were among some of the treatments I went through with no results at all. And just before I gave up on myself, I talked to my wife, and thanks to her, I decided to call Robert.

"First call, free appointment and NO REGRETS. I had listened to some words [during that call with him] that had more effect than any pill I had taken before. I remember, I would read the testimonials and hardly believed any of them, and today I am actually writing one! ...I went from a Level 10 of everyday pain (10 being the highest), sadness and terror, due to my condition, to a hardly noticeable 2 or 3 in just four sessions with Robert.

"Life is short and definitely the most important thing that God has given us, therefore we have the right to enjoy it to the fullest. There is a cure for everything, and in this case, BrightLife Phobia And Anxiety Release Center is here and it DOES WORK!!

— Carlos A., Manassas, VA


"Robert —

"This is no April Fools. Another good night - so much so, it's at a point where I expect it. And this after a full day of stress where I recaptured my daughter's lost data (at a cost of $4800) on her crashed laptop and reformatting her computer. I do not recall any tossing and turning at all.

"So no tossing and turning, no drugs for 4 days... I'd say you did a pretty good job of getting me back on course!"

— Dave K., Brooklyn, NY


"Hey, Robert...

"You did it! When I thought all hope was lost, you cured me of my insomnia. And that is after having no success going to an EFT therapist, an EMDR therapist, a psychologist and hypnotherapist, your program solved my problem in less than two weeks. Now I have refreshing sleep without drugs (I was taking Xanax, Ambien and Zoloft).

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Dear Robert and Glei,

"Just a note while nearing my ONE YEAR mark of the rest of my life, anxiety-free!

"I want you to know that IT WORKED!!! Here lies the rub... my life is so full and rich, it's staggering at times. Greatfulness abounds!"

— Anita P., Minneapolis, MN

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Emetophobia, Chronic Fatigue and Depression

"Before I came to BrightLife, I struggled with emetophobia for 20 years, and depression for 25 years. I also suffered from anxiety, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The wonderful people at BrightLife taught me how to free myself from all of these debilitating states I had myself in.

"Now I feel happy and free — like a million pounds have been lifted from my shoulders — and I'm looking forward to all of the possibilities my future holds.

"I can't thank BrightLife enough... They saved my life."'

— Lily S., Calistoga, CA


"My wife of 15 years has suffered from depression for as long as I've known her. Over the last 10 years, she has developed chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and... developed a severe phobia to throwing up (emetophobia). We've spent the last 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars in un-covered alternative therapies (western medical, naturopathic) and psychotherapy with the same results: NONE! There was either 'nothing wrong' with her, or she was given a different medication to try.

"Within the first hour [of working with BrightLife], (it literally took ten minutes!), my wife's emetophobia was cured. From there, we dealt with issues, physical and mental, some of which had plagued her for 30 years. By Day 3, all of her physical and mental issues were solved/cured, and we didn't even have to show up for Day 4!"

— Mark S., Calistoga, CA


"...The years following 9/11 were horrible. I couldn't sleep at night, and couldn't seem to let go of what happened. Almost anything on TV or radio about the war would remind me of what happened that terrible day, and I'd be shaking for hours afterwards. I couldn't even venture into the city after that. My life had come to a complete standstill.

"I contacted Robert Mantell at BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center last month, and couldn't believe it when he told me he thought he could help me clear this up within just a matter of days! I was excited and scared to try it at the same time, but I chose to give it a chance since nothing else had worked at all, and I didn't want to become a slave to medications.

"I couldn't believe it when after just the first day together, I was totally unable to feel scared anymore when thinking about 9/11... It was so easy, I'm still awestruck! I couldn't understand why other people don't use these techniques, and I'd tried them all..."

— Kendra P., Brooklyn, NY

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia and Low Self-Esteem

"...I feel like our work has given me so much power... I accept myself exactly the way I am, and you are the one that turned that key for me... It's a joy to truly feel comfortable in my own skin.

"...It's amazing... Having worked with professionals before, and not one of them hit on the idea to just be me. Just to go with what I am and see how that feels. That's the key! I am confident that there isn't anything I can't overcome anymore. Anything I want to acheive is in my power to do so. I just have to know myself and follow my drummer. That was never offered as option to me before.

"I have a feeling that in these next few weeks in the public eye, I am going to reach new personal heights... And very, very comfortably.

"No matter what, I now look forward to attempting each challenge... Not second-guessing what I should do, etc., but just watching what comes naturally and being thrilled to be operating authentically. It's thrilling and joyful!

You are the perfect coach for me, and I am so grateful I started with you. ...Priceless!"

— Andrea V., South Beach, FL


"Dear Robert,

"I thank you, Robert Mantell, ever so much for all that you've done for me, my life and my sense of being. Prior to meeting you my soul and mind had become a complete entanglement resulting in a living nightmare. Phobias and anxiety had so overwhelmed my life, that their detrimental effects were beginning to carry over and affect not only my social life and intimate aspects of my marriage, but to my career as well. I attempted to conquer this at any means within my disposal, including hypnosis, medical and psychiatric doctors, and of course medication. However or whatever the means, the result remained the same…only minimal results for a limited time. I soon came to dread waking in the morning for fear of facing another day of inner turmoil.

"Then one day... I was searching the Internet for information regarding my plight. I came across a web page for BrightLife, and enter into my life, Robert Mantell.

"With your advice and training and my effort, I soon began to "relearn" my ways of thinking. This precipitated the reigning control and stepping forth of my life with a profoundly positive mentality. My social life has been exhilarated to its previous level. My marriage has attained a new spiritual enhancement. And my work, which I love dearly, has only increased in enjoyment.

"If all of this weren't enough, the genuine sense of caring and the thoughtfulness of being there and seeing me through to the end, made this stepping stone in my life an event that can only help me grow and become a stronger and better person.

"It is my belief that all persons were put here on this earth for specific purposes. I believe one of yours was to help me. Thank you, Robert. "You the Man"!

— Kelly R., Ocala, FL

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Anxiety and Shy Bladder Syndrome

"I visited the BrightLife [Center] in hopes of eradicating certain things I deemed as "problems" that had been or were occuring in my life. Like many other people who feel that their problems are never going to progress into positive experiences, I felt I was at the end of my rope. I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in hopes of discovering something that would help put an end to Shy Bladder Syndrome and ongoing anxiety issues. I felt BrightLife was the end of the line.

"I am extremely proud to say that it is! With the tools Dr. Mantell and his wife have given me, I was able to turn a life of pain, fear and uncertainty into an open canvas in which I am able to paint my own masterpiece.

"Life only gets better from here, and BrightLife is the key to help you unlock the gate that keeps you from walking the path of endless possibilities."

— Jason I., Milpitas, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Fear of Flying, Fear of Elevators, Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia

"Dear Rob,

"I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated the time and energy you have given me. I feel that meeting you has truly changed my life, and I am truly lucky to have found you. I have been working on all of the things which we discussed, and I am very excited.

"I actually had a fabulous realization today which I hope will be helpful in achieving my long term goals. I have realized that realistically there is no reason for me to be afraid of the things that I was afraid of. It almost feels ridiculous!

"I think you have an extraordinary gift, and you are very good at transferring your knowledge to others. I hope that through my volunteer work, I can make you proud, and pass on a little of the knowledge you have shared with me in hopes that at least one child will benefit."

— Julie S., San Francisco, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Alcoholism and Depression

"I was a 41 yr. old alcoholic on a downward spiral to my death, awakening every morning to an empty bottle of whiskey and a 12-pack of beer. Getting ready for work was laden with incomprehensible demoralization. I lived with low self-esteem, and an enclosed lifestyle, never allowing activities to interfere with my drinking time.

"The past 5 yrs. plagued my life with an array of antidepressants and alcohol, progressing to mental hospitals and a long list of therapists and group sessions. I was so ready for this last chance to kick "King Alcohol" out my life; when a friend introduced me to Robert Mantell.

"In one day this man saved my life. ...I knew death was coming for me. Before I left Mr. Mantell's chair, the change was so clear to me. I cried like a baby, like old air from deep within my soul was let out. Although I experienced a trauma early in life, hidden deep in the back of my mind I always knew I deserved to be loved.

"Now it's not hidden — I'm happily exposed! I love this life that started in 1961. Thank you, Mr. Mantell, for helping me navigate to my life that's been waiting for a loving, nurtured spirit. I'm so grateful I'm here and have another chance at life."

— LaDonna O., Reno, NV

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Anxiety and Shy Bladder Syndrome

"I went to BrightLife seeking assistance with a specific anxiety and came away with much more. I learned new ways to approach my fears, and regained a sense of positive expectation which had been lost for some time. BrightLife gives you the tools to reclaim your life... It's up to you to choose to do it."

— Andy H., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Lack of Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem, Problems with Personal Expression

"I... highly recommend BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Centers to anyone currently experiencing significantly more pain in their life than pleasure.

"Prior to attending BrightLife, I was basically experiencing a loss of personal identity. I'm a middle-aged male (43), and for quite some time I had been struggling with the anxiety of expressing myself. In fact, I had forgotten who I really was.

"After a short period of time with Robert and Glei, I was exposed to enlightening technologies for personal growth. Robert and Glei are two wonderful people committed to, and completely competent in, helping people overcome personal growth barriers in their lives. The pain I was feeling in my life experience disappeared when Robert and Glei helped me reclaim my ability to take charge of my beliefs, feelings and actions in my life.

"A special thanks to Robert and Glei for great direction and friendship."

— Chris F., Detroit, MI

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors (OCD) and Post-Traumatic Stress


"I think you've opened my eyes to some intuitive feelings that I've always had yet never nurtured before now. I admire the passion with which you seem to live your life and your work. It is comforting and hopeful to know that there are people out there who believe in possibilities... that there are people who step out of mediocrity to rise above the common pool of negativity within which so many people reside. Your work is meaningful, and it is my dream to find a media through which I can touch lives and offer the same message of hope for others. I thank you for what you've fostered in me.

"You are a man of character, but more importantly you are a man driven by the truest and kindest intentions of your heart. Thank you for touching my life..."

— Gabby F., Vancouver, WA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Chronic Anger and Depression

"I never would have made such a turn-around in my life if not for BrightLife. I was, in the past, depressed to where I didn't want to be with my kids or my husband. I was getting very mean and angry, and didn't know why I hated life so bad.

"A friend [who had been to BrightLife] told me about Robert — I saw such a change in [my friend] that I got in my car drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles! Robert's great! With the tools and language and visualization I've been doing, and all the new thought processes I've been learning, I feel like life is wonderful and filled with so much gratitude and joy. It's so amazing! I feel great... I can go out and be among people and feel good about myself. I have the desire to enjoy the rest of my life and teach my kids the same. I am so grateful for the tools I now have..."

— Wendy R., Las Vegas, NV

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Anxiety and Shy Bladder Syndrome

"Dear Robert,

"I just wanted to thank you for the insight and freedom I'm feeling today. It's amazing what focus and drive I have for life! The tools you have given me opened my mind to accomplish anything I desire. Your guidance and understanding is truly a gift. My life has just begun as I continue to learn and transform my future. 'Life Is Good'!"

— Adam B., Long Beach, CA



"It doesn't seem possible, but in just six days you gave me the tools to overcome my problem and change my life! Nothing else I have tried, from medication to therapy works — but this does. I wish I had found you a long time ago... Thank you!"

— Jillian S., Dana Point, CA


"Ever since I could remember, I avoided going out in public due to the extreme anxiety it caused. I can recall as a young boy actively avoiding socializing at birthday parties, cub scout meetings, and school functions because I felt so overwhelmed when around groups of people. It really didn't matter if I knew anyone; I would still feel this anxiety.

"I came across Dr. Mantell's website one evening while searching for a way to deal with social rejection... After talking with Dr. Mantell for nearly an hour and a half, I decided to make the investment in myself and go for it... The time with Dr. Mantell was incredible, and unlike any other traditional therapy or workshop I've ever attended.

"Today, I can go out in public, and I honestly do not feel the same anxiety that I felt before. In fact, since I am no longer anxious about being around people, I am now able to start learning how to interact with others on a personal level. Before Dr. Mantell, I would avoid interacting with other people because I was already too anxious to carry on a relaxed conversation with someone. I remember arriving at a mall, making no eye contact with anyone, and leaving as soon as possible! Now, a new avenue of my life has opened up, which involves learning how to interact with others and build lasting, solid relationships no matter where I am.

"... Dr. Mantell's work removes the wall (the extreme anxiety) so that you can get on with your life and start growing in uncharted territory; territory you thought you'd never get to experience. My life has changed course from avoiding people to learning how to interact with them, and study what works best to build lasting relationships."

— Ryan S., Berkeley, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Phobia and Low Self-Esteem

"Dear Robert,

"Weeks before my trip to see you, I was excited; days before, I was nervous and unsure because nothing else had ever helped me. And within a few sessions, my depression lifted, and my outlook turned from negative to positive. I now can and am pursuing — and will obtain — the things I used to just wish for in all areas of my life. And just knowing I can makes all the difference! Robert, thank you again..."

— Tammy M., Charleston, SC

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

"Hi, Robert!

"I wanted to write to say thank you. As you might remember when I first spoke to you, I was very apprehensive of trying something else to rid myself of my anxieties. But as you promised, your company goes straight to the heart of the problem. Working with Joe was an absolutely empowering experience!

"It is hard to know what to say. First of all, it was nice to be treated like a friend helping another friend, instead of what I am used to, which is a doctor/patient relationship. It was also wonderful to not talk about my anxiety as an 'illness'. For once, I was treated as someone that was 'normal', but needed different skills and knowledge to unlearn some of my bad habits. I found myself excited to hear from Joe so I could learn more about myself and the techniques he was teaching me. In fact, many of things I have learned I have tried to teach to those close to me to help them in their lives.

"I really want to emphasize how much I appreciated Joe's compassion. I really felt like he cared and wanted to help me. It wasn't like I was just another 'phobic', but someone he wanted to help have a full and rich life. He has an uncanny ability to pick up on the smallest things you say and know it is something that needs some work. Sometimes I felt like he knew me better than I know me... He has given me tools and a knowledge of myself that is helping me in every area of my life.

"No other therapy has ever helped me this much. I wish you would have been around twenty years ago! I would have enjoyed life so much more!"

— Shelley S., Indianapolis, IN

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem and Insomnia


"Thank you so much for giving me my son back. To tell the truth, I have never seen Jonathan more relaxed, self-confident, fun-loving, involved, and connected with life. You have shown him how to break the shell of darkness that enveloped him. Now he shines like a radiant new sun. I know this is just the beginning of a lifetime of growth and continual self-evaluation. Twice under intense stress, Jonathan stopped himself and centered using some form of self-talk and went on to complete his task without anger or frustration. He is reading the books you assigned and others. You have shown him he holds the key to his own prison door, and he has freed himself and is rejoicing in the light. At my party, he was dancing, laughing, flirting with the girls, helping out, etc., etc., etc. The last party he was at with me (his cousin's wedding), he spoke to no one, sat with his head down on the table, left the party early, and went out and got drunk; wasn't long after he threatened suicide. Jonathan and I have never talked about the sessions — I told him this was his journey and if he wanted or needed to share, he could, but otherwise it was his personal business. All I know is in 6 short sessions, you gave him back his life. I congratulate you; BrightLife is all you guarantee it will be. My deepest thanks."

— Carolyn D., Paradise, CA



"After seeing my son Jonathan during the Thanksgiving break, I wanted to thank you again. He was laughing, talking, playing with his cousin's baby. He's relaxed and enjoying life. He also confided in me that he'd had a long heart-to-heart with his father (on your recommendation) that had helped them both clarify a lot of issues. We walked and talked and cried and laughed for almost two hours as he shared with me feelings he has never revealed to me before. At one point he thanked me for saving his life. I was too busy crying and hugging him to say what I was thinking — that it was you (and his determination) that saved his life. So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you've done for Jonathan. He's a great guy who deserved to live a full and rich life. I don't know how you helped him exorcise his demons, but they seem to be gone. Thank you so very much."

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Phobia and Low Self-Esteem

"Robert is to me what Phil Jackson is to the Lakers... I had a serious battle with shyness. In seven short sessions, I eliminated literally twenty-plus years of anxiety and self-doubt. Through a well-defined set of plans, he has taught me that life truly is good. I have done a 180-degree turn around! I am outgoing, and gravitate towards social interaction. Thank you, Robert... You were essential in manifesting this change in me. I am forever grateful!"

— Michael S., Marina Del Rey, CA


"...I am doing really well. I am more confident when approaching the situation now. I have talked to more people openly about bladder shyness and have found more people than I expected who feel the same way. It's funny how that knowledge makes the problem go away... I am feeling good!"

— Aaron A., Oklahoma City, OK

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks and Low Self-Esteem

"I know now that I can do anything I set my mind to do! I now have faith in myself in everything that I do. I realize that I have the ability to go from a negative standpoint to a positive standpoint, just in the words I choose to use and by looking at things from a different perspective. What I learned at BrightLife are techniques that I will be able to use for a lifetime. Thank you very much... It was well worth the trip!"

— Carrie F., Oklahoma City, OK

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and Generalized Anxiety

"Rob and Glei,

"Going through your program was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Prior to attending, I suffered from a variety of phobias and had constant anxiety. Within a week of attending, I saw dramatic results and was on my way back to having a normal life.

"In addition to helping me cope with my anxiety, you helped me find something I had forgotten so long ago. You helped me realize I was in control, and gave me cutting-edge knowledge on how the human mind works. Armed with this knowledge, I can now dismantle the negative thought processes that imprisoned my mind, and at last live free.

"It's sad that so many people should suffer for a lack of knowledge to free their minds from their own fears; my only hope is that BrightLife can help others as it has helped me. Thank you, BrightLife!"

— William R., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks and Low Self-Esteem

"Dear Robert,

"I want to thank you for doing your job so well! I felt you really cared about the service you provide. The energy you project is amazing.

"After many years of having anxiety/phobias, the techniques and tools you taught me have been the most valuable in assisting me. As you know I suffered with panic attacks for over 20 years. I have seen many psychiatrists and been through all kinds of therapies such as biofeedback, EMDR, tapes, etc. Although I do believe these therapies are useful, none of them were as effective as your program for me. Your program, I feel is fast, efficient and leaves us with tools for a lifetime. I highly recommend your program!"

— Miriam M., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Phobia and Panic Attacks

"Before attending BrightLife's program, I had a challenge with panic attacks when I was around people. I became extremely nervous when meeting people for the first time, and completely fell apart when I attempted to speak publicly. I learned that my panicky, nervous and fearful feelings could not only be helped, but totally be wiped away completely, and [be] replaced with amazing confidence!

"Now, my whole life has changed, or I should rather say has now begun. I feel so much confidence and a feeling that I can do anything I put my mind to with no fear—none. I do not get nervous at all when around people.

"I cannot say enough how this has changed my life... This program did not only change my life, it gave it back to me!"

— Stan C., Morgantown, WV



"Thanks for everything you have done... Things are going great! Just to let you know, [I've had] not one panic attack returning home, after taking your course. ...To this day, things are 100% better. Thanks for your help!"

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Lack of Vision and Direction for The Future

"I admit I had a certain amount of skepticism when beginning the program, but I was desperate for a change. I had tried conventional therapy, but felt it could only affect my outward appearance by giving me coping mechanisms... I wanted to change how I felt inside. I can say that after seven sessions, I'm a completely different person, much happier with myself, and excited about life!"

— Tim R., Anchorage, AK


"I feel like I have a second chance at living life to the fullest by feeling confident and just feeling good about myself and life in general. [This program] has turned my life around 360 degrees, and I feel that I am ready to proceed with my life in a positive way... I am ready to take on any challenge presented to me!

"Thank you, BrightLife... Life is good!"

— Jesse F., Dallas, TX

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Low Self-Esteem and Fear of Public Speaking

"When I began the program, my anxiety level was extremely high, both in social situations and situations which required me to speak in public. I had my first panic attack when I was 13, and experienced several more since then. I had tried all kinds of therapy, and nothing seemed to rid me of the problem. This is why I am so amazed by the program at BrightLife! I never thought this change would be possible, but in one week, I was given so many valuable resources that I now feel confident and excited to be in those situations which, at one time, were a problem.

"I encourage everyone to try this program — it truly helped me. Thanks so much!!!"

— Kelly B., Lansing, MI

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Lack of Vision and Direction for The Future

"BrightLife has totally changed my life from a negative experience to looking forward to a bright future, and the tools to accomplish anything I choose. I had so many things that held me back from enjoying my life, and BrightLife has opened the door.

"Thank you, BrightLife!"

— Joyce R., Juneau, AK

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Low Self-Esteem and Resulting Poor Decision-Making

"After experiencing severe panic attacks, I had a choice to use prescription drugs or find an alternative source to change my life within myself. With BrightLife's help, my panic attacks no longer exist, and they have shown me that I have the power of choice in this life!"

— Jarrod A., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Low Self-Esteem and Resulting Fear of Rejection

"I came to BrightLife because all of my life, I had felt very alone and felt under everybody else. I had always longed for social interaction and relational intimacy, but didn't feel worth it.

"On the third or fourth session, Robert helped me explore my past and reasons I may have felt this way during childhood. It was such an emotional release for me to do this, and I was able to see myself in a new light afterwards.

"Now I realize that the way I feel in life is my choice. Robert has given me many tools to continue this work, and it feels awesome to not have to be a 'victim' anymore... I can now look at the future with a sense of excitement and confidence!"

— Julia G., Raleigh, NC

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Anger, Hurt and Lack of Trust in Others

"I came to BrightLife to learn more about myself and my disempowering behaviors... I found out that I had a core belief that I was "not good enough". Most of my decisions were being chosen as extensions of the belief...

"On the third day of the program, I had a breakthrough and actually installed a very empowering belief instead: "I am good enough to deserve anything I choose." The new belief is very vivid and conscious, as well as unconscious. I began to make new empowering choices right away based on my new belief of who I am.

"I am thankful that I made the commitment to myself and my life to go to LA and do the program. I am worth it! Thanks, Robert, for your kindness and patience, and your skill."

— Dean M., Austin, TX


"Last year October I contacted you regarding extreme anxiety attacks. And you told me some important information that has helped me overcome my fears...

"... I have to say my life feels great! I have since returned to college and have started on a second degree and career and I am pleased and very thankful that you had been a part of my recovery process. I am just writing to say thank you!"

— Sharon D., Brooklyn, NY

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking

"Robert poured his heart and soul into helping me free myself from the private hell of fear that I created decades ago. I now realize that I'm in charge of my own destiny and it is I who will decide how my movie will end."

— Bruce M., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Generalized Anxiety, Relationship Conflicts and Lack of Personal Assertiveness

"My life was full of anxiety and stress... I was unsure of myself and my decisions. Not wanting to depend on medications, and live like that any longer, I decided to try BrightLife at the request of a family member.

"My life has changed in one week... I hardly remember my old problem! I am confident, and sure of my ability to make resourceful decisions. I have a new passion and excitement for life... I believe anyone fully committed to changing themselves for the better must do this."

— Martha R., Juneau, AK

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

"I came to BrightLife after suffering from panic attacks for over 13 years. I would become housebound at times, and lost interest in everything. I've tried traditional counseling, EMDR, acupuncture, medications and naturopathic medicine. After only four days with Robert, I feel I have gotten my life back. I'm free of the anxiety I constantly felt, and am excited about life! I'm in charge of my life now... What a wonderful feeling!

— Cassi G., Moses Lake, WA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks

"Before attending BrightLife's program, I had a challenge with panic attacks, shallow breathing and nervousness. I learned that I am in charge of my own mind; I can choose to be in any state I want. I learned how to be the master of my own mind.

"I can no longer have the fear, even if I try to! Even small experiences are better because I no longer have a sense of dread about everything.

"I feel like I have my life back... Thank you, BrightLife!"

— Dan C., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Emetophobia, Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Dear Robert and Glei,

"I want to thank you again for the best week of my life. Before I came to see you, I was miserable. I was miserable from the time I got up in the morning to the time I fell into bed exhausted at night. More than 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Clinical Depression and Anxiety. I developed phobias, had suicidal thoughts and was so tired of being me that I was ready to check out of life.

"I thank God that one day, while desperately searching for help on the internet, I came across your website. You two have helped me turn my life around. You helped me go from feeling completely hopeless to completely hopeful about my life and my future. You have shown me that my life can be whatever I want it to be. You have given me the tools for a life of endless possibilities. What a gift you have given me and my family (who has also been severely affected by all of my 'illnesses').

"As I continue on my life journey, you will always have a special place in my heart."

— Debbie W., Sacramento, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors (OCD)

"Before I attended BrightLife's Accelerated Personal Change program, I had a challenge with OCD behaviors. This had gone on for decades, and I felt I was a victim.

"Then I learned... that I am the cause for the fearful feelings as well as for the behaviors. Because I had the ability to create a scary experience, I could un-create it.

"And now I feel relieved. I have released the anxiety. I no longer experience the out-of-control fears. I can handle whatever comes.

"As I practice my Grand Visions, I hear your voice, quiet, assured, full of encouragement. You are a superb coach, completely focused, very inventive. You're right — it is fun to go through this! I feel more assured as each day goes by. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

— Molly G., Los Angeles, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Separation Anxiety, Panic Attacks and OCD

"BrightLife has really changed my life. I have been to two different psychiatrists and four different psychologists within the past three years. I have also been prescribed over 10 different medications. I was diagnosed with anxiety attacks, OCD and ADHD.

"Although none of the medications I was taking helped relieve my anxiety, I felt a complete shift in my life after completing two days at BrightLife. I really hope that you give BrightLife the opportunity to help you, too!"

— Megan R., Mandeville, LA


"After seeing countless therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals for my anxiety for years, I was desperate for help. At BrightLife, I was enlightened and empowered with treatment unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

"This program has allowed me to take control of my anxiety and my life in a way I never thought possible. When I thought there was no hope, BrightLife gave me light."

— Liz K., Boulder, CO


"Dear Robert and Glei,

"Just wanted to let you know that Liz is doing great!! She is able to sleep and function normally these days!! She has only had one panic attack since our visit to you a year and a half ago, and has had none since you assisted her with the telephone contact. She currently is not on any medications.

"She has decided to go into a psychology major so that she can assist others who have suffered as she has.

"Thanks so much from a grateful parent for all you do!!"


"Dear Robert and Glei,

"I wanted to let you know something about Liz that I am very proud of. She is now a junior at ... State University and is majoring in psychology. She was just elected President of the [local] chapter of a nation-wide organization on college campuses to promote mental health/mental illness awareness and advocacy.

"I am so pleased that Liz has come so far (and her treatment with you was instrumental in her progress) and that she is utilizing her experience to become an advocate and activist!"

"Just thought I'd let you know..."

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Emetophobia and Panic Attacks

"Robert and Glei:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity you have given me to live my life fully. I would not have been able to do it without you. You both have an amazing gift, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. You will both have a special place in my heart always!

"Thanks again!"

— Danielle M., Atlanta, GA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Low Self-Esteem and Resulting Difficulties in Relationships

"Before I attended BrightLife's program, I had a challenge with meeting new people, and feeling like I was 'normal'. Then I learned that it was all just in my head. I proved to myself that I was 'normal'. Now I'm happy, confident and proud!

"I'm only 13 — life is hard enough as a teen. [Now] I'm not afraid to be myself, and am glad I came to BrightLife!"

— Nicole H., Santa Cruz, CA

PRESENTING CHALLENGE: Hemophobia (Fear of Blood) and Fainting

"Before coming to Los Angeles I had had a severe phobia, which often led to myself fainting, and on one occasion, I fell so hard I fractured my jaw in three places and now have two fake front teeth. This was the pinnacle of my phobia, and ever since then I couldn't even think about my phobia or I would convince myself there was a need to become nervous or fearful.

"About a year ago I had emailed BrightLife explaining my phobia, and within 24 hours Dr. Mantell called me back and we talked for about an hour. He assured me that he could help me get over this, yet I was still skeptical. Seeing I am only 18, I did not have the funds for the trip, so I was forced to convince my father. This proved to be harder a task then previously expected. So, instead I was sent to see a therapist, who obviously had never dealt with anything like this, and had no idea what to do. He tried putting me on anti-depressants which would hopefully calm myself down, and he also tried to use exposure as a way to familiarize myself with my phobia.

"After a year, and a lot of time spent watching gruesome movies which only made me cringe and wonder if this was working, I realized that I was wasting far too much of my fathers money and my own time, which, as a senior in high school, was far too precious.

"Finally I decided to send a second email to Dr. Mantell, and again, within a day he called me back and even remembered my name after a full year. This time I was intent on convincing my father, since I would be going to college within the year and would no longer be able to hide myself from anxiety related predicaments. Myself as well as Dr. Mantell convinced him, and off we were to Los Angeles.

"After about 6 hours with Dr. Mantell I could no longer get any anxiety up about things that would usually make me feel light headed. The other days he spent teaching me ways to "stack the deck" in my favor.

"Once I got home from the trip I was skeptical if the week spent in Los Angeles had indeed cured me from my phobia. The first week I was home was great, it felt as though a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders, and this just kept on. The last test in my eyes was singing in a chorus concert, where I would be up on stage in a tuxedo, next to 60 sweating teenagers, with lights blinding my eyes and hundreds of people looking on. This was one of my fears previously, in the past I had done anything and everything to get myself out of these chorus concerts, because just thinking about it made me shake with nervous energy. Tonight I got up there with confidence and went through it with a smile on my face!

"What Dr. Mantell did was amazing, he changed my life, and I am forever grateful for his help. Being 18, I have the rest of my life in front of me, and after suffering for more than 9 years, Dr. Mantell has given me my future back in just 4 short days, and I cannot thank him enough for that.

"Thank you!"

— Wesley J., Deep River, CT

* At the specific request of a few clients, several names and locations have been changed to ensure their anonymity.

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